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Saint Mary Catholic Church

701 E. Third Street

Wilton, IA 52778

Parish Life Coordinator:  Deacon Dan Freeman




Dear New Members of St. Mary,


Welcome to St. Mary Catholic Church in Wilton, Iowa.


St. Mary is a community of families who care for each other, who work together, enjoy fun times, learn about faith, and place a priority on worship and prayer.


Our present beautiful church was built in 2007 and is a true spiritual home for our 180 registered households.  In the years preceding 2007 we had Mass in the parish hall.  The very first Mass in Wilton was celebrated in 1857, in a home on the east end of 4th Street.


Father Robert “Bud” Grant is our Sacramental Minister.  I serve as Parish Life Coordinator in caring for the administrative and pastoral needs of our parish.  Father Bud and I find our people to be extremely inviting, involved in parish projects and activities, willing to volunteer when there is a need, committed to Religious Education for our youth, and highly engaged in the Sunday liturgy.  Participation by our people at Mass is extremely edifying and supportive.  Our whole purpose is to love, serve, and to know God through Christ our Lord.


It is my hope and prayer that you will get to know the parishioners of St. Mary and soon feel comfortable as a member of our community.


Please let me know if there are any pastoral concerns you personally may have.  I am always ready to listen.


Once again, welcome to St. Mary Catholic Church.


                                                                                    In Christ,




                                                                                    Deacon Dan Freeman

                                                                                    Parish Life Coordinator

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