September 20, 2020



We had a few pledges turned in last Sunday and a few have mailed them to St. Mary’s.  Thanks to those who have pledged so far.  In-pew pledging is today.  Those who are unable to attend Mass because of the pandemic are asked to fill out their pledge and mail it to St. Mary’s.  Our goal of $19,185 is a decrease from last year.  Last year’s goal was $23,496.  If every household would pledge what they did last year we will reach our goal.  You do not need to increase your pledge from last year, just please pledge the same amount.  We do need every household to participate.  If we don’t reach our goal, we have to make up the difference from parish savings.  Let’s have 100% participating from all our parishioners. Either return your pledge to the Offertory basket at Mass or mail it back to St. Mary’s.  You do not need to mail it to the Diocese.  St. Mary’s always comes through when asked!  Many thanks.


The Ladies Society is meeting today after Mass.  The Finance & Parish Councils will meet on October 11.


Do you use it to view the current bulletin if you are unable to attend Mass?  Do you use it for the Lay Ministry Schedule?   Our website address is always on the front cover of the bulletin.  It is www.stmarywilton.org    


The Diocese does not permit any type of meal to be served in parishes.  Thus, parishes are unable to host funeral luncheons and Fall Parish Dinners.  Our annual Fall Dinner scheduled for October 4 will have to be postponed.  Also, we won’t be able to serve coffee & donuts after Mass.  Let’s all continue to pray that the pandemic will soon end!


Practice is today after Mass for last year’s 2nd grade students who were unable to receive First Eucharist because our churches were closed at the beginning of the pandemic.  First Communion is next Sunday, September 27 at the 8:30 am Mass.  Emory Barber, Talia Bazal, Kinley Boorn, Sophia Cerveny, Elise DeLong & Kate Huesmann will be receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion. 




            Today – Parent/student meeting at 9:15am in Parish Hall with Sister Cheryl

                              This is for Grades K,1,4,5,6,7

            Sept. 27 – Parent/student meeting at 9:15am in Parish Hall with Sister & Lynette.

                              Students will receive their textbook with their personal code.

                              This is for Grades K,1,4,5,6,7

            Oct. 4 – Online classes begin.

                          Class begins for grades 2 (in Annex) and Confirmation (in Day Chapel)


FIRST COMMUNION & CONFIRMATION STUDENTS, PLEASE NOTE:  Because they are Sacramental years, 2nd grade and 8/9th grades will meet every Sunday in their classrooms here at St. Mary’s.  Mary Grotzky will teach 2nd grade (First Penance & First Communion) and Dennis Sass will teach Confirmation students.  The first day of class for 2nd & 8/9 grades is Oct. 4.  There is a workshop for parents of 2nd grade & Confirmation at 9:15 am in the Parish Hall with Sister Cheryl on Oct. 4.


Thanks to Sister Cheryl for giving an explanation on the changes in Religious Education for this year.  All our parishioners are very supportive of our RE Program and it is good for everyone to know that we have to make changes for this year.



It is no secret that peer pressure, academic stress, uncertainty about the future, parental pressure and technology are just some of the more common causes of stress and pressure among young people today.  Little wonder that 1 in 5 teens experience some form of mental illness.  The Diocesan office of Faith Formation is announcing a new project: the observance of Mental Illness Awareness Week October 4-10.  During that week the Diocese will host a series of online programs featuring Roy Petitfils, a licensed counselor and host of the popular Today’s Teenager podcast and Sean Robinson, coordinator of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Columbus.  For a complete schedule and details of programs, downloadable resources and more information, visit the Mental Illness Awareness Week Project webpage. 




In addition to the regular Sunday envelopes in your box of envelopes for the month of September, there are two extra envelopes:  The Catholic University of America and our Church Building Fund.  Parents of Religious Ed students are to pay the tuition at the time of registration.  If a parishioner would like to help contribute to the expenses of our RE Program, they can use the “Religious Education” envelope. 




Collection                         September 13, 2020    

Offertory                  $            14.00

Envelopes                          1030.00

Rel Ed                                        5.00

Cath Univ                                10.00

      Total                     $       1059.00                                                                                      

Building Fund           $               .00                                                                                           






Lay Ministers              September 27, 2020

Comm                             Logan Wolf

RDR1                               Logan Wolf

RDR2                               Logan Wolf

Euch Min                        Fr. Steinle

                                        Sr. Cheryl, Mary Grotzky

Ushers                            F. Grunder

                                         R. Janney, B. Belitz 

Servers                           NOT NEEDED

Gift Bearers                   NOT NEEDED

Greeters                         NOT NEEDED









Mass Intentions

September 27, Sunday - Margaret Gough


701 E. Third St.

Wilton, IA  52778


To report child abuse contact the Iowa Dept. of Human Services Child Abuse hotline:  800-362-2178 and if it involves clergy or church personnel also notify Alicia Owens, Victim Assistance Coordinator, 563-349-5002; vac@diodav.org or PO Box 232, Bettendorf, IA  52722