June 28, 2020


It has been fourteen Sundays since we have been together for Mass in our beautiful Church.  Welcome to all who are able to be here today.  It is a different arrangement in the Church and Parish Hall because of the requirements of social distancing, but it appears that everyone adjusted well.  It is so good to see our parishioners today!  Remember that everyone must wear a mask all throughout Mass (expect for Communion) and to bring hand sanitizer with them.  This “new normal” could become the norm for a while, but we will all manage.  It is wonderful today to be together, pray together, and receive Holy Communion.  If you are unable to come on Sundays because of extreme health or age concerns, please watch a broadcast Mass.  You are asked to mail in your contribution to St. Mary’s.  Collection baskets for those who are coming to Mass are by the Holy Water Font and on a table in the Parish Hall. The entire Church, Gathering Area, door handles, bathrooms, & Parish Hall will be sanitized after every Mass. See you at Mass next Sunday!!


The Church is no longer open for Private Prayer because we are now opening our churches on Sundays for Mass.  It will be quite a while until daily Mass resumes.  The Day Chapel is too small to fulfill the social distancing requirements and the entire Church has to be sanitized after it is used.  So, for the immediate future, it is just not practical for us to have daily Mass.  For now, let’s just be grateful we can be here on Sundays. 


Bulletins will be distributed after Mass on Sunday with extras being left during the week in the Gathering Area.  The contents of our bulletin are also published every Sunday on our website at www.stmarywilton.org.  Because we are now having Sunday Mass, we will no longer mail the bulletin.


Congratulations to Joe & Marlene Kaufman who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past Friday.  We wish them many more years of good health and happiness!


For our parish high school graduating seniors is Sunday, July 12.  We will honor our graduates at the homily time of the Mass.  They are Logan Callison, Lucas Callison, Drew DeLong, Joe Lilienthal from Durant and Karlie Schult from Wilton. 


The US Census Bureau is hiring census takers in Muscatine county. Pay rate is $19.50 per hour. Flexible hours, weekly pay, paid training and mileage reimbursement of $.58 per mile. Apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs. Call Jacqueline Young at 330-803-1501 with any questions.


Normally, July is St. Mary’s month to deliver Meals on Wheels in Wilton.  Meals are delivered on M, W, & F starting at 11am and take about an hour.  We have not yet heard if this will be happening in July.  Wanda Einfeldt will let us know if volunteers are needed for July.


Please bring your Rice Bowls to Mass as soon as possible.  Normally, they would have been brought to church on Easter Sunday. 


Thanks to those who continue to honor their pledge from last fall.  So far, St. Mary’s is doing well in reaching our pledged amount.  Thanks!



We are grateful to Steve Holladay who takes great pride in mowing, trimming, and picking up limbs and twigs during the summer months.  Our church and rectory grounds are beautiful and we appreciate and thank Steve (and Gina) for maintaining our grounds in such a beautiful manner.  Steve also mows the grass at St. Mary’s Cemetery.


Because of the requirements of social distancing and exposing food on a buffet line, Catholic parishes are unable to rent their Parish Hall for private use. 



Our Parish and Finance Councils met on June 16 and approved our budget for the new fiscal year which begins on July 1st.  If everyone continues to support our wonderful parish, we should have no problems meeting our budgeted income.  Budgeted income is $147,204 and budgeted expenses are $146,273 leaving a positive balance in our budget of $931.


You are asked to support the two special collections that are in your box of envelopes for the month of July.  They are for St. Mary’s Building Fund projects and for our own Diocesan Works of Charity. 





Collection                         June 21, 2020    

                      (From last week's mailed in envelopes)

Envelopes                 $        1770.00

Ascension                                20.00

      Total                     $        1790.00                                                                                      

Building Fund           $           200.00                                                                                           






Lay Ministers              July 5, 2020

Comm                             Belle Rockow

RDR1                               Belle Rockow

RDR2                               Belle Rockow

Euch Min                        Chad Rockow

                                        Amanda Rockow

Ushers                            J. Bauman, D. Sass

                                        F. Grunder

Servers                           NOT NEEDED

Gift Bearers                   NOT NEEDED

Greeters                         NOT NEEDED









Mass Intentions

July 5, Sunday - Leonard Gough


701 E. Third St.

Wilton, IA  52778


To report child abuse contact the Iowa Dept. of Human Services Child Abuse hotline:  800-362-2178 and if it involves clergy or church personnel also notify Alicia Owens, Victim Assistance Coordinator, 563-349-5002; vac@diodav.org or PO Box 232, Bettendorf, IA  52722