May 2, 2021




  The month of May is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother.  Let us always seek Mary’s

intercession and pray that we will

remain as close to her son as she did.


                       Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee,

                         Blessed are you among woman and blessed is the

                                    fruit of thy womb, Jesus. 

                          Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now

                                    and at the hour of our death.  Amen. 


Beginning May 30, the Sunday Mass at St. Andrew’s in Blue Grass will be at 10:30 am.  Their Religious Education classes will begin at 9 am when they resume.  Thus, there is no Sunday Mass conflict with Blue Grass and Wilton.  Our Mass will remain at 8:30 am with Religious Education following (in the fall) at 9:30 am.  Fr. Bud will have plenty of time to get from Wilton to Blue Grass. 



Next Sunday is Mother’s Day.  All mothers will be given a special blessing at the end of Mass. 


Meet after Mass today.


We welcome Sutton Dale Bangert, infant son of Nick and Sidney (Lilienthal) Bangert who was baptized last Sunday.  Congratulations to his parents and Godparents, Brett and Steph Lilienthal.



Is Sunday, May 23 for St. Mary’s high school graduating seniors.  Our high school graduating seniors from Durant are Justine Badtram, Koby Paulsen, and Isabelle Rockow.  Ryan Boeding is our graduating senior from Wilton and Nathan Werner is graduating from Assumption High School


Bishop Zinkula wants to pray for the people he serves in the Diocese of Davenport, by name and by prayer intention.  So much so, that he invites people to share their prayer intentions with him on his new prayer webpage  Prayers may also be submitted by email at or in a printed note mailed to him at Diocese of Davenport, 780 W. Central Park, Davenport, IA 52803.


$362 was collected in our Rice Bowls and sent to Catholic Relief Services.  Thanks to all who participated.




Have you thought about joining or forming an Emmaus group?  If you desire additional information, have questions, or want to visit about it, contact parishioner Jeremiah Costello at 563-370-2065.  We hope you will consider forming or becoming a part of an Emmaus prayer and discussion group. 


You people are simply outstanding!  Thanks to those who are contributing what they normally do each Sunday in the Offertory basket or by mailing their contribution to St. Mary’s.  It is unfortunate that because of the pandemic, not everyone feels comfortable in returning to Sunday Mass.  Hopefully this will soon change due to the many vaccinations taking place.  If every parishioner continues to contribute we will not get into financial trouble. 



Has successfully ended for this year.  We are very proud of our parents who saw that their child completed the weekly assignments.  Hopefully we will be able to have weekly classes in our classrooms beginning in the fall.  Registration will take place the end of August as it has in the past.  Watch the bulletin for further information.  Sister Cheryl will be our Director of Religious Education next year and Lynette Fagner will be our Coordinator of Religious Education.  We are thrilled both of them are returning!


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the program for any adult who is not baptized and would like to join the Catholic Church or is baptized in a non-Catholic church and would like to make a Profession of Faith to become a Catholic.  Classes will begin in the Fall.  Contact Sister Cheryl or Deacon Dan with any questions. 


Do you use it to view the current bulletin if you are unable to attend Mass?  Do you use it for the Lay Ministry Schedule?   Our website address is always on the front cover of the bulletin.  It is   


Diocesan Volunteers in Latin America, Building Fund and the Feast of the Ascension.  Thank you for being generous to these collections.

Collection                         April 25                      


Offertory                  $           20.00           

Envelopes                         2345.00                                                               

Home Mission                    150.00                                     

       Total                   $      2515.00                                                                                  

Building Fund           $        185.00               




Lay Ministers              May 9  

                                 Mother's Day                                      

Comm                            Kim Feuerbach                                              

RDR1                              Kim Feuerbach                                     

RDR2                              Kim Feuerbach                        

Euch Min                       Steph Lilienthal                            

                                        Denise Timmerman                      

Ushers                           Dennis Sass   

                                        Fred Grunder


Servers                          NOT NEEDED                                                 

Gift Bearers                  NOT NEEDED                                             

Greeters                        NOT NEEDED 

Mass Intentions

May 9, Sunday - Sue Quinn

St. Mary’s Pastoral Leadership

Pastor                                                                   Office Manager                                      Rel. Ed. Coordinator

Rev. David Steinle                                                Wanda Einfeldt                                        Lynette Fagner

(cell) 319-572-6550                                                          641-715-4004


Finance Council                                                 Directors/Trustees                                Liturgy Committee

Joe Kaufman, 563-785-6545                               Jim Gavin, 563-506-5112                        Jill Brooks

Phil Keese, 563-785-4448                                   Dennis Sass, 563-732-3737                    563-260-5770   

Doug Wilson, 563-785-6388

Parish Council                                                    Ladies of St. Mary’s                               Cemetery

Jeremiah Costello                                                Mary Iossi, President                               Scott Wolf

563-370-2065                                                       563-349-0537                                           563-370-3734

Denise Timmerman, Secretary                         Denise Timmerman, Treasurer         

563-349-3880                                                       563-349-3880                                           Music Coordinator

Ross DeLong, Vice President                             Amanda Rockow, Secretary                   Bev Reuter        

563-340-3991                                                       563-349-0525                                           319-321-8524

Chad Rockow                                                       

515-290-251                                                         Funeral Dinner Coordinator               Prayer Chain

Kathy Keese                                                          Jean Semsch                                             Colleen Nichols

563-260-4904                                                       563-340-3327                                           563-260-2212

Scott Wolf, President