January 19, 2020


Today begins Ordinary Time until Ash Wednesday which is February 26. The liturgical color for Ordinary Time is green.


The weather last Sunday morning wasn’t the best, but we had a very good crowd participate in our Breakfast. Thanks to the Ladies Society for providing a delicious breakfast. Last year the breakfast was held on March 31 st and had an income before bills of $1,400. This year the income
before bills was $1,190. Thanks to all who generously gave to the free-will offering.



Thanks to the 6 th grade class who is sponsoring a Hot Chocolate Bar today after Mass. Free will offering is being taken to help them purchase another tree for the church property. Enjoy hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips, marshmallows or peppermint and topped with a cherry!


The Parish & Finance Councils and the Ladies Society will meet today after Mass. Because of the breakfast last Sunday, the meeting schedule was changed for this month.  To assist parishes in living out and implementing the mission of Vision 20/20, the Bishop is assigning mentors who have been trained to work with all parishes in the Diocese.



It was 47 years ago tomorrow, January 20, 1973, that the United States Supreme Court voted “that a woman has a protected constitutional right to have an abortion.” As Catholics, let us always pray for the prolife movement in the United States. It is a movement that works to save innocent lives!




Is a Catholic service offered by our Diocese for those wounded by an abortion. Contact the Dedicated Helpline at 563-333-4107 or email at projectrachel@diodav.org All inquires are completely and totally confidential.



Ken & Mary Grunder will be married 70 years on Friday, February 7. They have invited all our parishioners and local friends to our coffee & donuts after Mass on Sunday, February 2. After Communion on February 2nd, Father will give them a special blessing. At the wishes of Ken &  Mary, there is a small dinner on Saturday, February 1st for just the family.


All women of our parish belong to the St. Mary’s Ladies Society and are asked to pay $5 in annual dues.  The Ladies Society does much for our parish.  The dues envelope is in your box of contribution envelopes.  Thank you.


To date we have $65,448 in the Building Fund toward a goal of $70,000 for the parking lot project.  Thanks to those who have contributed and continue to do so. When we have $70,000, the Leland Smith Foundation will match our $70,000 to make a total of $140,000 which is what we need.



Thanks to Adam & Beth Budelier who continually send their employees to shovel and salt our sidewalks and parking lot. We greatly appreciate this needed service for St. Mary’s.


We are impressed with our parents who are getting their children to Mass and then to Religious Education every Sunday.

            Today -    All grades have class.

                              9:45 am - First Reconciliation for 2nd grade students

            Jan. 26 -   All grades have class.

            Feb. 2 -     All grades have class.

                              Mass Ministries for Grades 3 & 4




Congratulations to the six students in 2nd Grade who are receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time this morning. Thanks to Second Grade Catechist Mary Grotzky for preparing the kids to receive this important Sacrament.



            Today -    Jessica & Austin Williams

            Jan. 26 -  Amy Lilienthal

            Feb. 2 -    Volunteers needed

            Feb. 9 -    Jessica & Austin Williams


The official annual Messenger renewal is next Sunday. Every household is to take the Messenger. In no way can the parish afford to pay for everyone’s subscription. In the past, our participation has been excellent! The cost of the Messenger is $29 (not $30). You may use the envelope in your box of contribution envelopes or the envelope in the pew. Checks should be made payable to St. Mary’s and returned in the Offertory basket. Thanks.


For 2019 will be available next Sunday after Mass. A statement of your contributions to the Annual Diocesan Appeal will be mailed to you from the Diocese.


Please be generous to the extra envelopes for January which are Initial Offering, New Year’s Holy Day, Ladies Society Dues, Building Fund and Catholic Messenger.  Thank you!



Collection                  January 12                                                                

Envelopes              $       1545.00                                   

Offertory                           387.00

Breakfast                        1190.00

Ladies Dues                      180.00                                                       

Initial Offer                       139.00                            

     Total                   $      3340.00                          

Building Fund        $            50.00                            










Mass Intentions

January 21, Tuesday – (no Mass)
January 22, Wednesday – (no Mass)
January 23, Thursday – Cottrell Family
January 24, Friday – Ed Williams
January 26, Sunday – Bill Paulsen

Lay Ministers               January 26, 2020                                                     


Comm                            Otto Geering                                             

Rdr 1                               Joe Kaufman                                                  

Rdr 2                               Stan Reuter                                                  

Euch Min.                      M & S Grotzky                                        

                                         B. Werner, N. Werner                                                   

                                         O. Geering                                         

Ushers                            R. Janney, J. Kaufman                                    

                                         L. Lindsey                                                             

Servers                           B. Harkness, M. Badtram                               

                                         M. Utter                                            

Gift Bearers                  Jeremiah Costello Family                          

Greeters                        Steve Grotzky Family                                                             







701 E. Third St.

Wilton, IA  52778


To report child abuse contact the Iowa Dept. of Human Services Child Abuse hotline:  800-362-2178 and if it involves clergy or church personnel also notify Alicia Owens, Victim Assistance Coordinator, 563-349-5002; vac@diodav.org or PO Box 232, Bettendorf, IA  52722