June 13, 2021





St. Mary’s Parish invites all parishioners and friends to a Farewell & Retirement reception for Father Steinle to be held this Saturday, June 19th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The reception will be held at the

Axe & Oak House

117 W. 4th Street

Wilton, Iowa

(across from the Wilton Café)

The reception is hosted by St. Mary’s Parish and the Ladies Society of St. Mary’s.


Bishop Zinkula wants to pray for the people he serves in the Diocese of Davenport, by name and by prayer intention.  So much so, that he invites people to share their prayer intentions with him on his new prayer webpage https://www.davenportdiocese.org/prayer-requests.  Prayers may also be submitted by email at prayers@davenportdiocese.org or in a printed note mailed to him at Diocese of Davenport, 780 W. Central Park, Davenport, IA  52804. 



             $126,000         Goal (includes Triple B bid & extra costs for seeding and sidewalk repair)

             $  73,955         Received from the estate of Phyllis Dolin

             $  35,000         Grant received from Leland Smith Foundation

             $  10,418         Received from parishioner Building Fund donations

             $    6,627         Amount needed to reach goal of $126,000


Meet today after Mass. 



If someone has the need to social distance at Mass, please inform an usher and they will conveniently seat you in the side pews.  We want all vaccinated and non vaccinated parishioners to feel comfortable. 



Father’s last Sunday at St. Mary’s is two weeks from today, June 27.  Father Bud and Deacon Dan will begin on July 4.  Deacon Dan’s office will be in the rectory where Father Steinle had his office.



Fourteen years ago yesterday, June 12, our “new” church was dedicated.  Happy 14th Anniversary to St. Mary’s (present) Church building. 


Normally, July is St. Mary’s month to deliver Meals on Wheels in Wilton.  Meals are delivered on M, W, & F starting at 11am and take about an hour.  Wanda Einfeldt will let us know if volunteers are needed for July.


Thanks to those who continue to honor their Annual Diocesan Appeal payments.  We still have $2,000 yet to come in from those who are making pledge payments.  Many thanks for your support of the Appeal.  Your support helps both the diocese and our wonderful parish.


Do you use it to view the current bulletin if you are unable to attend Mass?  Do you use it for the Lay Ministry Schedule?   Our website address is always on the front cover of the bulletin.  It is www.stmarywilton.org   


The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is the process for a baptized person to make a Profession of Faith in the Catholic Church or for an unbaptized adult to receive Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation.  Classes begin this fall.  For information contact Deacon Dan 563-320-2462 or Sister Cheryl (563-299-6983).


Please be generous to the following Special Collections during the month of June; Catholic Communications, Building Fund and Peter's Pence (for the works of the Holy Father).  Thank you.

Collection                         June 6                      


Offertory                  $           36.00           

Envelopes                         1845.00

Communications                    5.00   

       Total                   $      1886.00                                                                                  

Building Fund           $       2150.00               




Lay Ministers              June 20 


Comm                            Jeremy Lies                                              

RDR1                              Jeremy Lies                                      

RDR2                              Jeremy Lies                        

Euch Min                       Steve Grotzky                         

                                       Chad Rockow              

Ushers                           Rick Janney

                                       Dennis Sass            

Servers                          Volunteers                                                 

Gift Bearers                  Jim Fox Family                                            

Greeters                        Not Needed 

Mass Intentions

June 20, Sunday - Ed Williams


701 E. Third Street

Wilton, Iowa 52778

Reverend David Steinle, pastor   (319) 572-6550     steinled@diodav.org


The Diocese of Davenport’s new COVID-19 protocols, based on CDC guidelines, begins this Sunday, May 23).


  1.  Those who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks or maintain social distance. 

  2. Those who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear masks and maintain social distance.

  3. No one will ask if you have/have not been vaccinated.  We will use the honor system.

  4. The Church will remain marked for social distance so that all will be comfortable in all pews.

  5. The baptismal font may be used.

  6.  Financial baskets will be passed throughout the church.

  7. As always, feel free to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you. 

  8. The Offertory procession and the carrying of gifts to the Altar will be reinstated.  Gift bearers will be assigned from previous Lay Ministry lists.

  9. Congregational singing is permitted.  Missalettes & hymnals may be used.  Cantors are permitted if they have been vaccinated.

  10. Multiple readers are permitted.  For easier scheduling, we will continue to use one Reader for several weeks.

  11. Communion remains under the bread form only.  Communion may be received on the tongue.  Those who wish to receive on the tongue and are not vaccinated are asked to receive at the end of the Communion line.

  12. Communion distributors do not have to wear a mask if they have been vaccinated.

  13. Servers are permitted.  Because our servers are young & have not served Mass for over a year, they will need to be retrained.  This will be done when Religious Ed begins in the fall.

  14. The Sign of Peace may be exchanged within households; a wave or bow to other households is preferred.




A pastoral note:

St. Mary’s will not violate your privacy by asking your vaccination status.  We trust that all will make informed decisions about masking for the health and safety of themselves and others.  Some who are vaccinated may still wish to wear a mask.  We respect everyone’s choices with charity and understanding.

St. Mary’s Pastoral Leadership

Pastor                                                                   Office Manager                                      Rel. Ed. Coordinator

Rev. David Steinle                                                Wanda Einfeldt                                        Lynette Fagner

(cell) 319-572-6550                                              wiltonstmary@gmail.com                      641-715-4004


Finance Council                                                 Directors/Trustees                                Liturgy Committee

Joe Kaufman, 563-785-6545                               Jim Gavin, 563-506-5112                        Jill Brooks

Phil Keese, 563-785-4448                                   Dennis Sass, 563-732-3737                    563-260-5770   

Doug Wilson, 563-785-6388

Parish Council                                                    Ladies of St. Mary’s                               Cemetery

Jeremiah Costello                                                Mary Iossi, President                               Scott Wolf

563-370-2065                                                       563-349-0537                                           563-370-3734

Denise Timmerman, Secretary                         Denise Timmerman, Treasurer         

563-349-3880                                                       563-349-3880                                           Music Coordinator

Ross DeLong, Vice President                             Amanda Rockow, Secretary                   Bev Reuter        

563-340-3991                                                       563-349-0525                                           319-321-8524

Chad Rockow                                                       

515-290-251                                                         Funeral Dinner Coordinator               Prayer Chain

Kathy Keese                                                          Jean Semsch                                             Colleen Nichols

563-260-4904                                                       563-340-3327                                           563-260-2212

Scott Wolf, President                                                                                                              collienichols@yahoo.com